Latest work

Yolly’s latest painting, Marketplace, portrays a colorful scene from a farmer’s market. Its vibrant colors and uplifting atmosphere along with the level of detail and exceptional technique make it a modern piece of art. The artwork was commissioned in early 2013 and has been installed at the owner’s residence in Paris, France.

Commission Portraits

Commission portraits capture the soul of the subjects. Satisfied customers all over the world cherish the image of loved ones. Subjects can include individuals, groups or pets.

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Special Commissions

Special Commissions feature personalized concepts that give an insight to the subject’s dreams. A portrait of the soul, featuring different levels of recognition on the way we experience life.

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US Botanic Garden

Six Economic Plants: Cultural Portraits feature the world’s most influential plants. The six murals are located in the entrance to the United States Botanic Gardens in Washington, DC. The project took one year to complete.

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Salt Lake City Public Art Project

Commissioned by the Utah Arts Council, this project consisted of six murals for the new facilities of the Department of Human Services and the Department of Environmental Quality in Salt Lake City. Employees and visitors alike take solace in the dramatic views as they walk by common areas.

For the DHS murals, I had the challenge to display the diversity of race, age, social status of the people who benefit from this department’s work. “Summer Serenade” features a sunny afternoon in an imaginary park where everyone is enjoying life. The skyline of Salt Lake City with the iconic Wasatch Mountains is shown as a background. “Tree of Hope” establishes a parallel with the emotional growth of the people for whom this department works. At the bottom are the needy and as the tree goes up comes the compassion, the help and the solidarity, ending up with the happiness of well being, represented by a happy young couple.

For the DEQ I painted four different regions rendering some of the most beautiful landscapes of the State: “Quiet Morning” depicts an area of Zion National Park. “Afternoon Serenity” depicting the rural Central Utah. “Autumn Splendor” was inspired by the famous colorful fall landscapes of the Timpanogos Mountains. “Timeless Harmony” features the beautiful austerity of Antelope Island, close to Salt Lake City.

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