Jake and Ava Quan

“Dear Yolly, I just want to thank you for the beautiful portrait you did of our grandchildren Jake and Ava. I keep getting it out of the package to look at it. I can’t wait to have it framed, so I can look at it all the time… We absolutely love the painting!”

Love, Dar




Ralph Kimbrough

“For the past two years I had approached quite a few artists about bringing into this world of mine an angel; an angel of protection, love, and guidance for primarily my dear dear wife Aneli, and my children also.

But it was only a fuzzy concept in my mind, I had no idea of what this guardian should look like; and I was unsuccessful in finding an artist that could pull him out of the soul of the world. That was until I approached Yolly for this special work… we worked together for over 8 months bringing him into our world.

For an artist to bring into this world the images that came to me in a dream is beyond my ability to comprehend, but she did. To say I am grateful for these two works of art is the understatement of my life. They enrich my life numerous times daily and bring great peace, grace, and beauty not only to our home but to my soul as well.”

Ralph Kimbrough


Ralph Kimbrough

“I approached Yolly for a family portrait, a family of four. But, wow! did that concept change upon working with Yolly…

She wanted to know more about me and as I shared my life, inner and outer; as I started sharing my dreams and visions and of the ones who loved me, -the most who had passed on- this most incredible painting was born. Yolly was able to put my dreams on canvas. She could somehow see my dreams exactly as I experienced them, not only their forms but perhaps more importantly the feelings that they brought to me. Yolly pulled them out of the soul of the world.

Quite rapidly this first idea of a traditional family portrait became a portrait of not only this world but of my inner world as well. This painting will live far far beyond my lifetime… it gives sight to my world. I take refuge in this work of art dozens of times daily, it brings me much peace, beauty and comfort. I am grateful for this oh so special piece of art.”

Ralph Kimbrough

Gonzalo Molano

“Having accomplished many unusual and virtually ‘elevated’ goals in my life has been possible thanks to my mother. For a long time, I thought of the best way to tell her ‘thank you’, but nothing seemed meaningful enough.

One day I got in touch with Yolly Torres, one of the finest artists that I have known, and whom I feel very fortunate to call a friend. Through her work, Yolly provided me with the perfect means to express the highest gratitude to my mom.

Yolly gracefully and accurately represented the essence of my soul, as well as the magnitude of my dreams. Her painting is a timeless rendition of my life, and a tribute to the people who have made my journey so incredibly rich and adventurous. There is simply not a better way to say Thank You!”

Gonzalo Andrés Molano “Banana”


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